Looking at Five of the Top Trending Apps of 2020


There's a lot of great apps out there. But only five can lay claim to the position as the best of the best. Here are the top five mobile apps of 2020.

Facebook's mobile app continues to dominate the app stores. It makes sense that the most used social networking service would also have the most used app. Having access to Facebook's app means having access to one's whole social circle.

Youtube ranks a close second. More and more people are turning to Youtube's streaming service as an alternative to TV. And having it on the go in app form is an intriguing prospect.

WhatsApp isn't quite as well known. But those who use this app love it. WhatsApps combines standard texting with free voice over IP services. Basically, it can allow one to communicate in a wide variety of ways. And the fact that it can save people money in the process is a nice bonus.

Netflix might rank a little lower than Youtube. The fact that one needs to pay for Netflix service is the most likely explanation. However, even if it's lower on the listing it's still incredibly popular. People love movies and TV. As such it makes sense that one of the most popular ways to watch them is also a beloved app.

Hulu is similar in many ways to the Netflix app. The main difference is that it puts more emphasis on TV than movies. One big reason why Hulu has risen higher in the rankings for 2020 is that they now allow for offline downloads.

Netflix has offered the ability to download media for some time now. And anyone who moves around into zones with low to no internet service will see this as a vital feature. The fact that hulu now offers it means that the service is getting more popular. And the app is rising as a result.

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